What Should You Do If You Witness Someone Being Harassed? The Accompany Project Can Help.

“Nobody in this political moment feels like they have the skills to confront the enormity of what’s going on,” says Kayla Santosuosso, an organizer of the Accompany Project. “We’re in a moment when people are feeling vulnerable enough, and open enough, to show up to something that they might not have shown up to a year ago.”

1,000 words for The Progressive Magazine, March 2017,

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Red Hook's Professor At Large

Although the Stevens Institute of Technology professor and veteran urban planner has no formal role on any of the citizen’s committees or research teams or councils of public officials attempting to guide Red Hook’s future post-Sandy, Washburn is hard at work generating ideas that defy traditional definitions of resilience here and around the world.

1,600 words for the Red Hook Star-Revue, September 2016.

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Bad trip: The drug 25I — or ‘smiles’ — is becoming increasingly popular among teens

25I, which is in a family of drugs also known as “n-bomb” and “smiles,” is part of a new wave of synthetic street psychedelics that have been gaining in popularity among young, white Madisonians. Lt. Jason Freedman, a Madison police officer who is part of the Dane County Narcotics Task Force, says that in coming years these drugs may overshadow heroin as the focus of his unit.

2,600 words for Isthmus. April 2015.

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The school lunch dilemma

Dane County has a national-caliber farmers' market, and Madison has impressive foodie credentials, but the Madison Metropolitan School District serves 19,000 meals a day (PDF) based on products supplied by such corporations as Tyson, Cargill and AdvancePierre.

1,200 words for Isthmus, January 2014.

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