The Philo A. Afflatus Project

I do a regular storytelling workshop at the Madison Children's Museum called Writer's Block – in it I produce brilliant stories with the help of my children attendees. 

Generally how it works is that I'll show up with a prompt – "Monster Ballerinas," say, or "The Sandwich that Did not Want to Be Eaten." Then, with some gentle guidance, the children will tell me how the story goes.

They take home a pamphlet of their own illustrations, while I take home the story. I write it up and illustrate the stories myself and am planning to publish a collection of them! The first book will be called "The Three Chickens and Five Other Tales," but I'm hoping to do a series.

If you're interested in attending a workshop or scheduling one yourself, let me know!

For more about the Philo A. Fflatus Project, please visit

The Sh*tcast

While we middle class liberals live our environmentally-conscious, politically-progressive, good-natured lives, many of our fellow citizens are falling off buildings, stewing in their own feces, and accidentally setting themselves on fire.

This podcast is about those tender moments.

Better Days for Moria web & logo design

I started volunteering on the island of Lesvos in December 2015. Shortly after I began, I started a comprehensive redesign of the Better Days for Moria website, as well as working on a logo for the group. Moria is the biggest registration center for refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other conflict-ravaged countries fleeing to Europe for a better life. BDFM is a collective of independent volunteers devoted to filling in the gaps of the official aid mission.

The logo is meant to convey both playfulness and professionalism. The yellow shape is a sort of approximate map of the island of Lesvos, where BDFM operates, while blue circle can be seen as the Aegean Sea, the world, or merely aesthetic. The heart should be kind of obvious.

The website can be seen here.

I both designed the overall structure and curate the content. Many, though not all, of the photographs on the site are mine.